Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet-Cakes and Milkshakes

I'll be honest...six months ago I was definitely not a blog person. I was always "too busy" --- too busy to relax, too busy to not be constantly connected to my email, and too busy eat three meals a day. Of course, I was never to busy to have fun; but the fun that I had was never alone or reflective, it was wild and crazy...

And then things changed a bit...I went away for the summer on Semester at Sea, met myself, and realized that even though I am always happy, I could be even more happy if I just took a breath every once in a while, spent some time with myself, and was 100% selfish --- that's what your 20's and college are for, right? Extreme selfishness.

As part of my travel reflections, I kept a blog, and I loved it! I loved de-briefing with myself every once in a while. It made me really think about my everyday experiences and appreciate --- so here I am, back in Pittsburgh, keeping up with the blog tradition.

This blog is entitled "Sweet-cakes and Milkshakes," and if you know what it is a reference to before reading the next paragraph, you must tell me stat so I can shake your hand.
This is a quote from my favorite 90's movie, Before Sunrise. It's all about exploring foreign cities, having deep conversations, and of course falling in love --- HI! If you know me at all, you know I love a good romance (whether watching or experiencing). So, go to this IMDB page, and then Netflix it, stat!

I think that the title of my blog is pretty ironic, actually...but, I'm not going to tell you why until my next posting...