Friday, February 26, 2010

Tofu Village Korean BBQ

Last Sunday was the perfect day. Perfect in the sense that it included:
  • No waste of daylight (I woke up early)
  • 100% use of the gorgeous weather (we hiked Stone Mountain)
  • And the most unexpected delicious feast at the Tofu Village Korean BBQ in Marietta.
Now, I'll admit it, I didn't think I was a tofu person. Not only did I discover that I'm totally a tofu person (it just needs the right preparation), I also discovered that despite it's name, the Tofu Village is a carnivore's dream restaurant.

It was 3:00 in the afternoon, and our tired selves ate the following (probably two meals worth of food for each of us):

  • The Tofu Appetizer: Tofu bricks, grilled. Serve them up with some sesame seed soy sauce mixed with scallions and other ingredients that I couldn't decipher.
  • The Five-Course BBQ Experience: (1) Shrimp (2) Chicken (3) Steak Strips (4) Ribs (5) Pork (6) Keel over into a food coma. This is grilled over hot charcoals that sit inside of the table. Our server was a ton of fun, and don't worry, they take care of the preparation for you. Much like a hibachi bar, you sit back and watch as they prepare your masterpiece. Make your own wraps with rice paper or some romaine, either a hot or mild "sauce" and rice. Don't forget your chop-stick skills, you'll be using some nice metal chop sticks.
  • Kimchi- It wouldn't be a Korean meal if it didn't include some kimchi. My low spice tolerance limited my consumption, but the few bites that I did have (followed by a glass of water) was very enjoyable. I'll work up a tolerance eventually.
  • Veggies Galore- Cucumbers, seaweed (does this count as a vegetable?), onions, bean sprouts etc, etc...
Joe and Norm documented the experience, so here are some photos:

Joe and Jess about to eat Course 1: Shrimp
Rufus, Norm, and Kelly (on the other side of the table)
The Final Course: Spicy Pork

The Bottom Line: Tucked into a strip mall off of 75 in Marietta is a Korean BBQ oasis. Stop by, you won't be disappointed!

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