Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Challenge

It has been 300 days since I last posted in my blog. That's 300 breakfasts, 300 lunches, and 299 dinners (Water's boiling right now for tonight's meal)…

Most of those meals were homemade, many from last minute stops at Chipotle, but a good portion came from delicious independently owned restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. This brings me to the point of today's posting. My three favorite things lately have become:

1. Eating

2. Pittsburgh

3. Telling people how much I love eating in Pittsburgh

And here I am, one semester away from graduating from Pitt, applying for full time jobs like it's a full time job, and realizing that I better hit all of the great undiscovered restaurants in this town just in case my career takes me elsewhere.

Here is my vow to you, loyal readers (all 1 of you). I will visit one eatery in Pittsburgh that I've never been to each week. Then, I will report back to you with my findings.

Here are a few things that you should know about these postings:

- They'll never be negative, if I have a bad experience; I'll just choose not to talk about the particular eatery that I attended. Life's too short to be negative (and especially too short to write about negative things --- it takes twice the effort of thinking of a negative thing, and it provides no reward).

- They'll be on a random basis; I can't guarantee which day of the week I'll sit down to write.

I've never been more in touch with what I want then when I was blogging, and what better time for some self reflection than the time that you're looking to start a career?

WEEK ONE: The 17th Street Café; I'll report back shortly.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to a semester of delicious food and enjoyable reflection.


  1. We better go to Five Guys and you can review it. And Mike and Toneys. I assume that you will be picking up the bill too since you are reviewing it. This sounds like an interesting idea.


  2. Haha, just got back from Mike and Tony's --- fabulous --- but not a new place!

  3. Just because it's not new to you doesn't mean that it's not new to some of your readers who deserve to know the greatness of Mike and Tony's. I hope you will review Bopaya's Papayas roadside stand when it opens.