Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week 3: Patron Mexican Grill

I love Mexican food. 

But before we get into that, I can't help but write this entry with a side comment about the similarity between all types of Mexican food (I'll allow Jim Gaffigan to comment --- see minute 5).

Although I'm no stranger to chain Mexican restaurants, I do love a good authentic meal, and that is just what I found at Patron Mexican Grill on RT 19 in Wexford (leaving the Pittsburgh zip codes for a bit).

I went to Patron last week for lunch with some coworkers; here's the run-down:

-          The atmosphere is amazing --- floor to ceiling in authentic Mexican decorations.  The booth that we sat in had to have been shipped in from Mexico: carved wood (each booth includes a different landscape) and hand painted. 

-          The meal comes with warm chips and homemade salsa, but don't eat too much before hand!

-          I ordered a quesadilla, very enjoyable and well within the budget of a once a week place for lunch.

That's all for now --- short one today.  I'll be busy getting ready for classes to start tomorrow!

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