Monday, September 21, 2009

Arrivedirci, Bruschetta's!

Readers, I received some sad news today --- Bruschetta's, my first "grown up person" restaurant excursion at Pitt over four years ago, has closed.

We'll certainly miss its beautiful outdoor patio, awesome Italian cuisine, and prime *date nite* oasis amidst the bars of Carson Street.

Now, we must press on --- to commemorate the loss of this Italian treasure, this weekend's blog posting will be all about Itailan --- loads of it! How can I find loads of Italian all in one place? Well, I can venture to the Little Italy Festival in good old Bloomfield. Start fasting, friends, this is a marathon, not a sprint...

So, two postings this week:

(1) Thai Me Up, which I'll be attending on Wednesday
(2) Little Italy Fest Feast

In the mean time....what type of restaurant do you think should replace the prime 19th and Carson corner lot that Bruschetta's used to own? Comment and let me know...we can start up the place together!

Bruschetta's (Closing August 15, 2009) on Urbanspoon

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