Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 9: Readbeard's Bar and Grill

I put my to-do list under a book last night... a book that I probably should have been reading instead of going out to a sports bar. But, alas, duty called --- I had a food blog to support.

Amanda and I hi-tailed it out of Oakland and headed up the P.J McArdle Roadway to Readbeard's on Mount Washington (and enjoyed the ride just as much as the meal --- the city looked amazing last night).

As soon as I walked in, the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" came to mind. The unassuming outside opens into a really nice bar setting --- multiple rooms with arched walkways and windows, new furniture, and walls covered with flat screens. Perfect for Philly's playoff watching (but I'm not commenting about sports, despite being from just outside of Philly, I'm a Pittsburgh fan who's here to talk about food). So, here's how the meal went down:

  • Drinks: Me- Sammy Oktoberfest, Amanda-Water (very nice of her to drive)
  • Appetizer: Fried Ravioli (a classic)
  • Main Course: No, I'm sorry, we were too late for all you can eat crab legs (but good to note: Redbeard's has all you can eat crab legs on Monday nights --- I've heard amazing things about this!)
  • Kelly's Main Course, for real this time: Hamburger Quesadilla, you read correctly, I had burger meat, American cheese, mushrooms, and bacon, toasted to perfection in a Quesadilla crust. I narrowed the varied menu items down to nearly ten items and made a last minute decision when the waitress came by --- I think that I was just intreagued by uniqueness of the idea. Boy was I happy with my choice, my Hamburger Quesadilla was the perfect mix of my favorite American and TexMex food, washed down with a side of fries.
  • Amanda's Main Course: Amanda went for the more traditional "build your own burger" route, and I stole some of her awesome homemade seasoned chips.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a new place to watch the game in Pittsburgh (and root for a Pittsburgh sports team, hopefully!), hit up Readbeard's:

  • the menu is incredibly varied
  • the crowd is fun
  • the venue is surprising
  • the price is right (a student's once a week budget, I'll say)

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