Friday, October 23, 2009

Week 9.5: The Pittsburgh Pretzel Sandwich Shop

And just when I'd thought I had been to every restaurant in Oakland, the Pittsburgh Pretzel Sandwich Shop opened at Meyran and Forbes!

Yesterday (Thursday), instead of getting some last minute studying in before an exam, I decided to relax my mind with what else but a soft pretzel (such comfort food).

The Pittsburgh Pretzel Sandwich Shop opened two weeks ago, enlivened with black and gold paint, LCD menus, about seven tables, and some really good pretzel sandwiches. Now, this place is not to be confused with the "Philly Soft Pretzel Factory" --- a favorite stop in my hometown, with it's classic tri-pack of braided pretzels.

Pittsburgh's pretzels are the classic tri-sectioned single twist pretzels, sliced in half and filled with your favorite sandwich fixings. I had a chicken salad sandwich, Adam had a grilled BBQ chicken sandwich.

What were my key take aways from the experience?

- The pretzels are warm, soft, and awesome --- they'd be great even if they weren't in sandwich form.
- The price is right, I mean, really right. A pretzel sandwich, a bag of chips, and a bottle of pop for under $7.00 --- take that, Subway!
- The atmosphere is nice: just a quick walk away, window seating available, and some nice soap operas on in the background

The Bottom Line:

The next time you're headed between classes to one of the many Oakland eateries, walk a bit further to the Pittsburgh Pretzel Sandwich Shop for a meal that you can easily afford! (once a day, I'd say)

Eat well, my Friends,

Kelly - from Baltimore


  1. Kelly,

    Your new food blog makes me extra upset that I've moved away from Pittsburgh! I'm realizing all of the neat restaurants that I missed while living there... I love reading about it; keep it up!

    The Pretzel Sandwich Shop sounds especially amazing. Pretzel melts in Oakland! Great addition :D

    Take care,
    Katie P.

  2. I made the blog! my reason for existence is complete! haha jk, keep the blogs coming..

  3. Kelly,

    I just found your blog for the first time and I LOVE it!!!!! Keep it up, beautiful!!!

    your fav cuz

  4. Thanks so much, all, for your comments! I love that you read my blog :-)

  5. hi there, how about beer and onion products with some peppers in the dishes. I'm never tested that Pretzel dude, you must be try with other kind of food.