Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 11: the Zenith Tea Room

On Sunday, Emma and I had a brunch date with the stipulation, "make it something vegitarian..."

Alright, I can work with this --- after a flick of the Urban Spoon iPhone application (note: this was not my iPhone, I'm a Blackberry gal), we found the Zenith Tea Room on 26th and Sarah Street in the SouthSide. This vegitarian dining establishment, turned antique store, turned art space has the witty tagline of "The Zenith Tea Room: Where your seat can literally be sold out from under you..." Such an interesting concept! But the big question is, how was the FOOD?

Well, friends, it was AWESOME! When you walk in for Sunday brunch, you most likely will wait (but not for too long), and shortly your waitress will sit you down at family dinner tables shared with strangers. Here's the run down...

$10.00 gets you:
- One hot item off of their brunch list that changes weekly (I ordered cinnamon french toast with pears, Emma ordered scrambled eggs with ricotta cheese and red peppers)
- A tea (you knew it would come up sometime based on the name of the establishment), or in my case a coffee--lots of work to do yesterday afternoon.
- An unlimited visit to the salad buffet. They literally have fifteen different types of salads. My personal favorite, the chickpea/cucumber salad. Careful, some of the items are surprisingly spicy!
- THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: An unlimited visit to the cake bar. It's not just any cake bar, either. These cakes are moist grandma-esque cakes. My favorite was an apple cinnamon cake with cream cheese icing...mmm.

Bottom Line

You don't have to be a vegitarian to love the Zenith Tea Room. So, go Enjoy a nice whimsy Sunday brunch this week --- and make sure you look up when you do so, the ceiling decorations are really fun!

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  1. I love Zenith! I was so surprised to learn that the desserts are mostly (if not all) vegan! I always thought vegan desserts would suck cause of the no milk and eggs thing but I agree with you, they were the best part!