Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 12: Morning Glory Coffeehouse

Steve and I had been plotting a visit to Morning Glory for quite some time; we acted on our threats yesterday.

We heard about this place based on a recommendation from one of Steve's coworkers at Patrick Dowd's office (thus the proclamation on the establishment's wall with best wishes from Patrick). The Morning Glory Coffeehouse is located in Morningside as detailed by this wonderfully witty map below...

The entire Morning Glory Experience is just that: witty. Not to mention hip, charming, adventurous, fun, tasty, and original. This is the kind of place that every town needs: a chill venue for group gatherings, live music (from all over the world!), and movie nights. Here are the details...

The Space
It's hobbit themed -- from the forest-like ceiling hangings (see below) to the light switches!

My favorite sign: "Mind your head on the way down the steps --- the basement is for hobbits only."

The speakers are fed by an old record player with scores of records for patrons to change at their will. Being a new visitor, I did not feel I had the street cred to change the music, but I didn't need to --- the regulars at the front put on a Supremes album that was PERFECT (I am actually Pandora-ing the Supremes as I write this posting to help set the mood).

The Coffee
It's my "runner up" for best coffee in Pittsburgh (I had 2 lattes!). I think that says it all --- try it and you'll agree! Be sure to try their signature Rhode Island Coffeemilk Latte --- subtle but delicious.

What to do when you're there...
Well, you certainly will not get work done. Steve and I were ambitious walking in, but were quickly distracted by the following:

- Listening to the foozeball machine (that's right, the place has a vintage foozeball machine)
- Wondering what movies they show on the projection screen during "MOVIE NIGHTS"
- Sorting through puzzles (including the "locate the 50 states" puzzle --- always a contest!)
- Reading the City Paper
- Checking out the book collection
- AND, my favorite, playing "It's bigger than...It's smaller than..." cards, in which you are given a noun and need to fill in the blanks to guess your item. For example, "It's bigger than our Solar System, but it's smaller than the Universe." ANSWER: The Milky Way

The Bottom Line
Affortable and Amazing, it's bigger than a hobbit but smaller than (and WAAAY better than) Starbucks. It's the Morning Glory Coffeehouse in Morningside, and you'll be glad you stopped by!

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PS --- I know I'm a bit behind on the posting! I've been visiting the places, I just need to turn my notes into write on the look out for a catch up over Thanksgiving!

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