Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week 13: piccolo FoRNO

Last Saturday, Caryn and I went on a hunt for a deliscious lunch in Lawrenceville. Our search started a little later than expected, so our lunch began at 3PM...piccolo FoRNO on Butler Street was the venue --- and boy, was it worth the wait!

This Italian bistro pulls you in from the street, inviting you to dine amongst exposed brick, soft lighting, an open brick oven, and a dumbwaiter (one of my favorite restaurant inventions, and so fun that it's right in the middle of everything).

Had it been dinner, we would have brought our own wine. But alas, productivity called, so no drinking in the afternoon for us. However, you can be sure I'll bring some wine the next time I attend.

Here's what we went with...

For an Appetizer: Bruschette Varie This assortment of toasted baguette included a tomato, olive tapenade, and red pepper spread. My favorite type of bruschetta is always tomato, but all were excellent!
Caryn's Lunch Main Course: Caprese Panini It's simple: you take really really fresh mozzarella, a thick and flaky roll, and add tomatoes and homemade pesto.
My Lunch Main Course: Lucchese Panini I think that what set this panini apart from others I've had is the bread. SO perfect. Take the perfect bread, and add proscutto (yum!), red peppers, some more fresh mozzarella, and pesto.

The Bottom Line
Great atmosphere, awesome bread, and fresh ingredients (not to mention BYOB) make piccolo FoRNO a must visit Pittsburgh Italian lunch (even if it's not technically in Little Italy). I'll be making a return trip soon for some of their dinner pastas and pizza!



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  2. Kelly! I L-O-V-E this blog; it makes me miss all that Pittsburgh dining has to offer :( If you get a chance before you leave the 'burg (tear... I know!), try Ibiza on Carson, next to Meillorca (sp?), it's their Spanish Tapas restaurant! Definitely one of my absolute faves in all of my restaurant experiences in Pittsburgh!